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Hot Tubs - Take Advantage of Special Pricing on Hot Tubs Before New Prices Take Affect. 

Bring the Spa to Your Home

Who says that you need to visit the local health resort every time want to relax and unwind? With our hot tubs at The Spa Doctor in Roseville, you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home!

La-Z-Boy Hot Tubs, Hydropool Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Comfortable Seating
More than 80 years has passed since La-Z-Boy founders Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch introduced some of the most ultra-comfy seating known to man.

Similar to the very first La-Z-Boy motion chair, La-Z-Boy spas, and hot tubs are designed to be as comfortable outdoors as indoors. Their spas and hot tubs deliver the best in maximum comfort when it comes to underwater seating on the market.

Customizable Massage
Comfort zone massage technology.

Convenient Maintenance
The innovative spas and hot tubs from La-Z-Boy feature water management systems that combine dual microfiltration and pressurized ozone. For maintenance purposes, a simple weekly application of La-Z-Boy Aquazure is required. This stress-free method ensures safe, healthy, and clean water for you to bask in anytime.

Cost-Efficient Hot Tubs
The six-part Therma-Zone insulation system delivers best-in-class energy efficiency while providing mounting space for numerous components. On top of that, the system provides access in the event that the spa or hot tub is in need of service.

Outstanding Craftsmanship
Just as La-Z-Boy’s founders did in 1927, the same care and craftsmanship has been used to create, design, and manufacture each and every La-Z-Boy Spa today. They pay special attention to every detail, including the Everlast floor, Everlast cabinet, with outstanding craftsmanship. They also consider the attached comfort fit shell, as well as their patented power depot equipment panel.

Hydropool Hot Tubs
Exceeding your expectations with superior ergonomic design, All Seating is Designed for full body support your head and neck while our wide lumbar support seats cradle your body. Hydropool's unique Science of Immersion Hydrotherapy system adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body. The wide variety of deep buckets seats, higher cool down seats, comfortable bench seats and body form loungers available on our Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs gives everyone a seat of choice, and extra large foot wells allow you to stretch out, relax and enjoy.

The Hydropool Hot Tubs helps with easing leg and back pain, great for sports recovery, headache treatment , insomnia, stress and helps the body feel awakened. It also has Diet Boost treatment.  Their wellness program was designed by doctors who designed the seats in the hot tubs especially for Therapeutic Immersion.

Over 30 years of Excellence- Hydropool Hot Tubs Time Line
- Pressure side filtration from Suction Side Filtration, 1981- Patented Floor Vacuum from Side Suction, 1984 - High Flow Skimmer From Grate Style. 1992 -  In-Line Chemical Feeder, 2000 -  Industry First Jet Ozone Mazzei Injector, 2004 -  Salt Water System, 2008 High Flow Self- Cleaning Pump. 2010 - 495 Style Floor Vacuum, 2011 - Self-Clean Light & Dual Core Filter, 2012 - Self Clean Indicator Added to Topside Control. 2013 -  Upgraded Dual Core filter with Removable Inner Core, 2014 -  Upgraded Topside control With Automatic Maintenance Reminders, 2016 - Added dedicated Filtration Jet to improve filtration.

Consumer Protection
Other manufacturers give limited warranties to protect themselves and not the consumers. Unlike the competition, La-Z-Boy and Hydropool offers 100% no-nonsense guarantees that are free from the fine print. 

Call us today at 916-791-3020 for inquiries regarding our hot tubs.

All Deliveries are Handled by Licensed, Bonded Professionals
We take trade-ins
Here at The Spa Doctor, we do our best to meet delivery dates of spas and parts.
Please note that delivery dates are subject to change based on high demand, parts availability, holidays and even sometimes weather.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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